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A letter to you… from my heart…

To you… You know who you are… at least, I hope you do…

You are amazing. I wake up in the morning, and you’re the first one I think of. I wonder if you’re awake. I wonder what you’re doing that day. I wonder if I’ll see you today, or even talk to you today. I think of you throughout the day, wondering how your day is going. I wonder if you’re happy or upset. And, of course, I wonder if, at any point, you’re thinking of me, too.

When I see you, I’m wondering what’s going on in your head. I wonder if you’re happy to be spending time with me. I wonder if you’d rather just be somewhere else. I wonder if I’ll say something really stupid that will make you think I’m an idiot. I wonder if I’ll say something perfect that will make you fall in love with me. Crazy, I know, but still. I didn’t say everything was completely logical.

At the end of the day, I’ll go to bed thinking of you. I wonder if you’re in bed yet. I wonder if you’re dreaming, and what you’re dreaming about. I wonder if I’ll dream about you tonight. Let’s be serious, though… I probably won’t. But that doesn’t stop me from thinking about it. Because sometimes you are in my dreams. And the possibility of meeting you in my dreams makes me happy.

Things aren’t always perfect. We fight… oh do we fight. Sometimes I piss you off, even when I have no idea what I did… what can I say? I’m a guy, we rarely know what we did wrong. And sometimes you make me so frustrated by some of the things you say. Nobody can get to me or get under my skin like you can. And it’s because you’re already under my skin. You’re in my heart. Which is why I never stay upset for very long. It’s just too hard to stay mad at you.

One text from you is enough to lift my mood, no matter how good or bad I may be feeling. Your scent is intoxicating. You smile is gorgeous. I can get lost in your eyes for days on end. Your beauty is endless. Your voice is enchanting. Everything about you has captured my heart. I’m a strong, independent guy, but if you need me for anything, I will bend over backwards to make you happy, no matter what. It’s so hard to say no to you.

What does this all mean? It means exactly what you think it means. You probably don’t believe at least half of what I’ve written, but I promise you, it’s all true. I’m crazy about you. I’m dead serious about that. I want to be with you. I want to hold you. I want all of you. I just want you. And you will probably never know how much.




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