In the heart of an artist lies all sorts of thoughts, emotions, and expressions waiting to be let out…


This is something I have been thinking about a LOT lately.  I’ve always been admired for my passionate heart. I have many passions, but my greatest is music. I love music dearly.

I graduated last year with a degree in Music Performance and International Studies. I dedicated five years of my life, 9 semesters and one semester in Hong Kong, to studying music and learning everything I could, all in an effort to be a greater musician. I also want to open my own music/arts school one day. Give kids somewhere safe and fun to go after school, and anyone else who’s interested in learning about the arts somewhere to learn more about what they love.  Ideally I would love to set this up in another country, preferably Hong Kong or Japan, but I would be perfectly happy if I could achieve this dream right here in the US.

So this leads to me wonder… what steps am I  really taking towards that right now in my life? As far as my music goes, I’m teaching music at a small music school here in Northern VA.. but that’s pretty much it. I barely have any time to perform anymore. I’m working as an Assistant Manager in a restaurant that, while paying pretty well, is still completely out of my field. I’m fortunate to have a “career” that’s going somewhere at 24 years old, but it’s not my chosen career. It’s not really what I want to be doing with my life.

I justify that right now as a means to an end. Save up so that I can eventually go back to school, get a higher degree, and take those steps towards opening the school of my dreams someday. But really.. I guess I just want to make sure I never lose my focus… never lose sight of the goal, never forget my dream. Because what do we have if we don’t have our dreams?

No matter what, human beings can never touch the sky… but that doesn’t stop some of us from trying.

Until next time…



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